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How To Do A Shabby Chic Home Decor

Shabby ChicAre you looking to redo your home décor? You might take a moment to consider the shabby chic home décor style. This style is popularized by designers Rachel Ashwell and Aarhaus. This style can be used for all parts of the house from the bathroom to the living room. How can you pull it off?

The look

They came up with a look that looks distressed and opulent at the same time. It reminds you of finding a vintage item at a flea market. That is the shabby part of the design. Shabby chic furniture items in this style are covered in a sandy white giving that worn out but in good condition look. This look can be found naturally or you can create this look by paint and/or stain, then sanding to get the exact amount of distressed look you want.

The colors

Colors in this style are mainly soft pinks, pastel, ecra and white. Earthy colors like soft brown and blue can be found on items such as rugs and artwork.

The fabrics

Shabby chic relies heavily on fabric to give the opulent look. Items look like they have been overdone in fabric but in a neat way, The fabrics mostly used are cotton, linen and denim. They are either plain solid color or have a unique print or design.

The items

You can have most of everyday house items in the shabby chic style;

Furniture – cabinets, coffee tables, settees, Ottomans, lounge chairs

Lighting – candles, lamps, lamp shades, chandeliers, scones

Beddings – sheets, duvets, shams, bed skirts, pillowcases

Bathroom items – towels, sleepwear, bathroom accessories

The décor

To pull off the shabby chic décor look, there are accessories like wall hangings, throws, vases, rugs and artworks.

Vintage items are also in this style. For distressed décor style fans, Rachel Ashwell regularly handpicks vintage items and puts them up for sale. Examples are fine china utensils, lamps, furniture, lamps, and rugs.

You can include art for wall decoration. Artists such as Kinley Winaman and Laurence Amelie have had their art featured as blending well as wall decorations for this style.

Other interests

This style has a variety of baby nursery bedding, furniture and lighting. If you love the shabby chic style a lot, you could buy books that enlighten you more on the shabby chic subject. These are personally autographed by Rachel Ashwell.

You could start by buying the items from stores offering items in this style. As you go along you will develop the feel for it and gradually pick items on your own. Starting with simple items such as candle holders, mirrors or small items to start the shabby chic look. You then can work up to the larger pieces such as tables, stools and wall hangings. Making this a taste all your own.

Home Interior Design Trends With Reindeer Hides

Home Interior DesignOthers may want a minimal rustic look that has the primitive charm of another century. Of course, there are nearly limitless choices in the decorating spectrum. If you crave the relaxing look and comfort of the outdoors, you will love decorating with genuine reindeer skin rugs.

Why Reindeer?

A majority of people these days object to killing an animal just for its fur. Unlike other exotic furs, reindeer hide is a bi-product of the meat industry.

Reindeer farms slaughter the animals humanely for the meat and sell the hides. This way, nothing is wasted and humans get the full benefit of the animal.

Reindeer fur has beautiful coloration and a luxurious softness that is like none other.

It has been coveted for centuries by native peoples because of the warmth and beauty it adds. With proper care, your genuine reindeer rug will last for years and will be the center of conversation.

Reindeer Rugs

When we think of fur, we automatically think of cozy rugs in a country cabin setting. Reindeer fur has a thick pile and is ideal for keeping feet warm on cold, wood floors.

Each hide has unique shades of gray, silver, cream, and black. Like snowflakes, no two are ever the same. They complement the rustic charm of a cabin or any natural theme. Reindeer rugs are attractive in living rooms, family rooms, or any place that you want an eye-catching rug. These rugs are gaining in popularity around the world.

Fortunately, these gorgeous rugs are not just for primitive or rustic decor. Even the most sophisticated decor would be enhanced by a reindeer hide. They would make a lovely accent rug on a white carpet in a chic living room. The hide’s coloration and velvety texture speak style, comfort, and class. Reindeer skin rugs would even work for homes with an industrial or modern flare. The splash of natural softness is pleasing to the eye in any setting.

Furniture Throws

Reindeer hides are not stiff and scratchy like rugs made of other fibers. Once they are cured, the skin and hair are buttery-soft and as supple as a blanket. For this reason, you can use your reindeer rug as a stunning furniture throw. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they see a genuine hide cascading down your living room couch. Not only does it complement the aesthetics of your furniture, but is can also be used as a warm blanket on a cozy night around the fireplace. Fur throws are absolutely beautiful on couches or chairs. Since their colors are basically neutral, they will not clash with any colors or patterns on the furniture. Any room would benefit from a fur throw.

Wall Art

If you want more than just pictures on your wall, consider a genuine reindeer fur as a wall hanging. This natural tapestry can be the focal point in a room or it can be an accent piece. Invariably, your guests will be drawn to it and will want to touch its lush softness. It can blend in beautifully as one of your favorite eclectic pieces.

Spring Renewal For The Bedroom

Spring Renewal For The BedroomThere are so many reasons to welcome spring. There are the bright colors of emerging crocuses, daffodils and tulips. There is more sunshine to turn the grass green and finally saying goodbye to the cold, the grey skies and snow. It is a great feeling to throw open the windows and do some spring cleaning. So why not start with the bedroom. If your favorite down comforter, down pillows and featherbed are in need of cleaning or renovation, now is a good time as you can do without them for a while since winter is over. Proper care will ensure your precious downs will give you many years of luxury and comfort. We recommend cleaning pillows every 3 years, comforters every 5 years, and renovation of comforters every 10 years. If your downs are only a couple of years old, it is a good idea to air them out. If you have a clothes line, that is good for the comforters and pillows. You would need a patio table or a few chairs for the featherbed or down bed. Do this on a dry sunny warm day. You will be using nature’s way to refresh the downs. It will also refluff the downs. If you do not have access to an outdoor line I would suggest hanging the featherbed or down bed over chairs near an open window. For the comforter and pillows I would put in a dryer set on low for 15 minutes. I would recommend airing the featherbed or down bed as often as is practical. If a dryer is your only option for the comforter and pillows I would recommend doing the pillows every couple of weeks and the comforter every 3 months or so. Be sure to keep the dryer on low.

Now it is time to brighten up your bedroom with a whole new look with a new duvet cover and sheet set. The beauty of the down comforter and the duvet cover, which the Europeans invented, is that you can change the look of your bedroom to suit your mood or the season with just a new duvet cover. Co-ordinate with a sheet set, pillowcases, shams and you have a whole new look. A good tip for less laundering of the duvet cover, use a flat top sheet.

Did you know with small changes to your bedroom decor you just might sleep better?

Decorating Your Kid’s Room With Wall Decals

Decorating Your Kid's Room With Wall DecalsDecorating your child’s room can be time consuming and expensive. Kids grow and change and so do their tastes, which means having to change decorations every few years. That can be expensive! What was “cool” isn’t going to be in just a short period of time, so why spend a ton of cash and time redecorating your child’s room every few years when you there’s a simple solution?

What is this solution you ask? Wall decals of course! Painting, wall paper, new bedding; it can all add up quickly. However, if you choose neutral colors and solid prints, you can easily add and change wall decals to create a whole new space without having to break a sweat, or your bank.

You can also choose from a variety of colors and styles of decals. Maybe you just want a simple quote, you can do that! Or maybe you want something a bit more drastic, you can do a mural! Most companies will even let you upload your own image and will print it out for you making your space all the more personal.

Decals can also be layered to create more interesting images and allow you to customize your decal even more! If you’re afraid you aren’t creative enough to design your own decal sets, most companies will have “kits” with an assortment of decals such as flowers or dinosaurs. Whatever your child likes, chances are you’ll be able to find it one way or another.

Decals aren’t just for children’s rooms either; they’re great for rental properties, businesses and more! Pre-cut self-adhesive wall stickers are easy to install and remove, making them a great option for those with ever changing taste. Decals are also VERY durable. We all know kids can get a bit rambunctious, but you won’t have to worry about them damaging wall decals.

Decals are made from waterproof vinyl with great adhesive which makes them last for years to come. Depending on the type of decal you order, they will either peel right off the wall when you’re ready to change things up, or for those with a more industrial adhesive you’ll need a little help from a heat gun or blow dryer. Whichever you choose they will easily remove from the wall without damaging your paint or leaving sticky residue behind. I personally suggest the more industrial option if you are planning on keeping them around for a while merely for the fact that the weaker adhesive is more likely to lose its stickiness over time and may result in your decal falling off.

Whatever their taste, wall decals are a great way to decorate your child’s room! Easy to install and remove, these durable decals will be sure to turn heads all the while saving you money decorating!


The Importance of a Master Plan for Your Residential Interior Design

Master Plan for Your Residential Interior DesignThe importance of a master plan for your interior design projects is of vital importance. The reason for this is that your money and your time are two of the things that are inseparable. It is critical that your time, your money, and your resources are allocated properly.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how little money you have. If someone says, “I’ve got a thousand dollars to spend,” that is a lot of money for them. If another person says, “I’ve got ten thousand dollars to spend,” that will be a lot of money for that individual to spend. Even if somebody has one hundred thousand dollars to spend, that will be a lot of money to them. And lastly, even if it’s one million dollars, for a multi-millionaire, it’s still a significant amount of money to spend.

So, do you want to just spend the money, or do you really want to invest the money? The answer is rather obvious. You want to invest the money because you want a return on your investment, in more ways than one. You want a return on your investment emotionally, intellectually, and visually for maximum impact and enrichment.

Having a master plan helps you to orchestrate all the components that go into a producing great interior design. If you’re working in a single room you have to orchestrate all the different furniture pieces. If you’re working on a whole house you need to transition in different areas and have some relatedness, and a master plan helps you to accomplish that.

A master plan is also about the importance of words. Here we’re talking about intangible things first, because the intangible almost always precedes the tangible. Somebody has an idea, a concept, and then eventually it becomes a reality. But, the correct words will frame the concept and the concept will frame the reality.

Another very important thing is to have it on paper. Because, without having it documented, you can’t look at it, you can’t ponder it, you can’t meditate on it. This is the aspect that can get you excited. It’s your vision!

Always remember, whether it’s a house you have right now or whether it’s a house you plan to build, you’re always working within the context of architecture. So, you have architecture and you have interior design. They are and should act as a hand-and-glove scenario. This analogy relates to the fit, feel and appropriateness of the interior design with architecture. In this relationship, the architecture exists to contain or house the interior. The interior is the hand and the architecture is the glove. And it’s the hand that animates the glove and makes it come alive.

Steven C. Adamko, is the owner and founder of Spectrum Interiors, established in 1982.

All of Steve’s designs are personally tailored to the client with the result being orchestrated with the desired Ambiance that is seen, felt, understood, and experienced. He works in a broad range and spectrum of residential and commercial design, as well as furniture and lighting design. His services to others include teleseminars, webinars, and seminars.

Smart Ways to Redesign the Interiors of Your Home

Redesign the InteriorsMost homeowners want to achieve something unique with their homes, but of course there are many constraints with regards to budget and ideas. If you have been thinking of designing your home interiors, there are some very essential aspects that you need to consider. Instead of being the cautious homeowner, you need to be the smart one who knows best ways to realize your design objectives, without going over the budget. Here are some of the best ideas which will help in renovating interiors like a pro.

Make a Plan:

No matter what kind of interiors you are aiming for, it is essential to have a plan. Most contractors and designers who work with high-end residential architecture and interiors will suggest the same. Having a plan helps in minimizing waste of time and resources, and makes it possible to actually keep tab of the project and budget. With the plan, you will be able to keep better control of the entire job. Keep in mind that changes are inevitable as you start working, so devise the plan in such a way that allows changes.

Hire a Designer:

It may seem that hiring a designer is an extra expenditure in the first place, but the benefits are endless. Make sure you hire a designer that has actually and personally built. The best designers work with homeowners to create the refined and sophisticated looks, which would be customized to their needs of functionality. At the same time, there are other considerations such as budget, lead time, material and labor procurement that can be handled by the designer’s team of project managers. Most people think that contractors and designers will end up spending more money on basic materials and purchases, which isn’t true. A designer can get better deals and quality for the money for most things in the first place, thanks to trade discounts and years of experience in the field.

Avoid Clutter:

If you check the current designer interiors in Europe in the last 10 years, you will find that cluttered interiors are passé. In fact, most designers nowadays suggest the minimalist look where the focus is to bring tranquility with style, instead of heaping things upon things. Depending on the objectives of the interior plan, the designer may suggest getting rid of some of the items you already own, which isn’t a bad idea at all. Thinking of the losses? Don’t worry as good resale shops can help you get the best value for most things. In some cities, there are agents that will buy up your entire household for resale.

Focus On Smaller Elements:

Practicing designers know that the budget of the customer can have a huge impact on the project. This is the precise reason why they may suggest a level between complete gutting and superficial internal alterations. For example, the designer may suggest saving money on floor replacement by sanding and painting the old oak floor white. The money saved can be used on buying new pieces of furniture. Make sure that you spell out your needs to the designer. Start with making a list of things to do and go over it with the designer.

With these ideas, you should be ready to roll! Create a new look for your home today!

How to Reduce or Eliminate Your Mistakes in Interior Design and Decorating

Mistakes in Interior Design and DecoratingWe all reside in houses of one kind or another. When furnished, whether well done or not, they constitute the environment in which we spend the great part of our lives. These environments influence us continually and profoundly.

To the degree that your home is beautiful and comfortable, affects us favorably and provides a wonderful haven for recuperation of mind and body, as well as facilitating a richer and more satisfying life. To the degree that it is uncomfortable and lacking in beauty, it provides the exact opposite, to a potentially devastating degree.

As you can see, a properly furnished home is a very important matter. It affects your life, as well as your attitude and ambitions. Your home should be an environment that is as supportive of your life as possible. Therefore, knowledge of how to furnish a house properly is also very important.

Beauty and comfort in a home does not result from chance or happy accident. They result from the proper application of a reasoned process. Two quotes on the back of my business card illustrate this perfectly. They are foundations of my business philosophy. Firstly, “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” Secondly, “When you love and skill work together; expect a masterpiece.”

Transforming an empty house into a place of beauty and comfort, is no less a creative work than transforming a blank canvas into a picture, or carving a block of stone into a beautiful sculpture. The major distinction between a painting or sculpture, and a house, is that you are looking at the artwork, whereas in the home you are not only looking at the interiors, but also enveloped in them. Therefore, interior design and decoration is also an art of selection and arrangement in a three-dimensional environment. This will require knowledge, appreciation, discrimination, and good judgment. Since interior design is a part of architecture, like a hand and glove, it differs from painting and sculpture in that it has a very practical aim. Your home must not only look good, but function well, to be supportive of your lifestyle

When you set out to furnish your home, you face a threefold problem.

  1. You must select and arrange items that suit the age, sex and temperament of the individuals; whether one or many, as well as meet their needs, express their tastes and aspirations, as well as fit the budget.
  2. You must see to it that the furniture and accessories selected and arranged; suit the home in terms of scale, proportion, coloring, and style; whether it is eclectic, transitional, traditional, or contemporary.
  3. Finally, you must see to it that these things are not only suitable, but also good-looking and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, they must all combine to form a harmonious and beautiful whole.

In other words, the treatment of your house and each room in your house, involves the interplay of three factors, which we will differentiate as the personal, the architectural, and the aesthetic. No decorative problem, however simple or complex; can be solved correctly and appropriately unless each of these factors is properly considered and given its due importance in order to achieve the best result.

Even though the personal factor is of extreme importance, the architectural factor is one of the first things taken into account. Since the size and other physical characteristics of the rooms will determine what goes in them.

The personal factor is critical from the point that houses are for people, and a house exists to make adequate provision for the satisfaction, needs, and preferences of the individuals that will inhabit it. The prior statement is simple common sense; yet professionals, as well as nonprofessionals ignore it frequently. Many look at it as “decorating” without due consideration for personal aspects relative to the real needs and preferences of the occupants.

This is not about fads or the newest craze! You must never forget, that if you choose to disregard the personal factor, or make it of subordinate importance, you will pay the price in loss of comfort and beauty. If your main concern is to comply with the newest fad or craze of the hour, you may experience an hour’s satisfaction; but you will most assuredly fail in achieving any dignity and individuality or the fine flavor of distinction found only in homes whose decoration and design are established on the studied needs and tastes of the occupants.

As far as the aesthetic factor is concerned; making the furnishings fit the house is also of great importance as well as making them fit the people who live there. A properly furnished home meets all the real needs, both practical and aesthetic, of all the occupants, and relates them to the architectural factors as well. This paves the way for a pleasing and harmonious composition that is unique and personal.

Briefly, here is what you need to consider. Imagine three intersecting circles. Circles A, B, and C. Circle A represents the total number of things available, without reference to their suitability, and are intrinsically good-looking, or pleasing in an aesthetic way. Circle B represents the total number of items that would satisfy your personal requirements. Circle C is the total number of elements that would satisfy the architectural requirements. The small area where all three circles intersect is the “sweet spot” which we will label as D. This is the total amount of items and elements that are capable of satisfying all the conditions; that being personal, aesthetic, and architectural. The remaining, are the choices that you are limited to, in order to create the most holistic design possible. This will eliminate all the “fluff” and potential errors and mistakes that can ruin a potentially wonderful result that can greatly enrich your life.

Tips to Buying Curtain Fabric Online

Buying Curtain FabricProbably one of the hardest things you are going to have to do when it comes to room design is choosing your curtain fabrics, the second is placing the order online. For many people not being able to see and touch the fabric, makes the selection process almost impossible. Here are a few tips to make this process easy and enable you to buy curtain fabric online with complete confidence.

There are so many factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing curtain fabrics, never mind making the choice from a photograph and then buying online with peace of mind. The first step is to identify what you need, you will want to complete this step before you start shopping around.

Firstly identify the colour scheme you are working with. You want to ensure the colour of the curtain fabric you choose will really complement your design and make it stand out. The curtains you choose now should enhance the space, but also be a colour that can be used in the future, so you can change your room design with ease without having to change every single aspect of your design.

With a colour in mind, consider what patterns will work with your overall design. The great thing about curtain fabrics is that there are so many great choices, which means you can select from a range of patterns and materials, you can find that perfect match that you feel will be the perfect finishing touch to your room design now and moving forward.

Always measure the window before you start having a look around. You need to know your length and width. Are you looking for curtains that will hand to the floor to make a dramatic impact or are you looking for curtains which will hang just below the window sill. This is down to personal preference and what will work best in the room. Next focus on the width. When making curtains, you want to add extra width to each side. Curtains are never dead straight, there will always be a space where the curtain gathers together, if you are looking at gathering the curtains, then you will want to add even more width to ensure you don’t come up short when you make the curtains once the material arrives.

Go online and choose a reputable fabric specialist company that is known for supplying top quality designer curtain fabrics that you feel you can trust. You can then start shopping around and looking for the products that meet your color, pattern and size needs. You will have a few to choose from, so don’t make a rush decision, rather focus on what you feel is going to work best in your space moving forward.

Once you have one or two different fabrics in mind, you are going to want to look at price. Prices are going to vary between fabrics, based on the designer, the size and the fabric itself. You often find that velvet and silk is more expensive than linen or polyester, so bear this in mind when making your selection.

The final three steps is to go through the suppliers website to identify if they will provide you with a returns guarantee. In the event the material arrives and you are not one hundred percent satisfied, you need to know you can return it. Further you want to know you are only buying the best quality and this is something that can only be checked once it arrives on your doorstep. The final step is to make your curtains, hang them and enjoy the perfect finish.

Design Your Home With Personal Style and Self Motivation

Design Your Home With Personal StyleInterior designing maintains to create realistic and beautiful environments ameliorating the lives of people at home. Designing makes use of every corner of a house to maximize its usage.

The work of interior needs a sensible way of thinking. To design your home you can hire a professional or do it on your own. While designing modern homes the basic essentials of good design are kept in mind. Consideration is given to difficulties of today’s contemporary civilization including safety, health and performance. Designing means achieving obstruction free and comfortable environment at home.

To give personal touches to your home try to discover ideas from the nature. Nature gives rise to endless things. Thus we can take number of ideas from the natural resources. Simple forms of designing a home can occasionally give a lot of joy and satisfaction and thus add a personal feel to the home.

If you want to follow your own style then you can refer different books, magazines, television and hoardings so that you can take benefit of each and every aspect of life which is as colorful and wonderful as the nature.

Opt for your own way of coloring while designing your home. Use all your favorite colors. Do not hesitate to add odd colors if you like them. Think of yourself and your choice no matter what others say.

Choose your own way of coloring. Colors can stimulate your mood and senses. Therefore select those colors which go with your personality. Colors bring energy and attentiveness to your home instantaneously. Discovering and following ideas is a matter of fact and a good way of experimenting. While selecting colors for your home keep in mind that the draperies and other fabrics should always go with the colors you select for your house walls.

Your favorite furniture should be artistic and trendy which should express your style. A comfortable sofa and a comfy bed will give you eventual sound rest. Any kind of furniture whether it is a sofa or bed will give you ultimate sound rest. Any type of furniture whether it is a sofa, bed or table, it must show your style statement and way of living. Your house must have furniture which is comfy, relaxing and soothing so as to attract your colleagues and guests whosoever sits on it.

Personal style and freedom of expression are motivating forces in today’s home designing. Gorgeous and self-expressive homes are magnificent. Today interior designers and architects have an increasing responsibility to create healthy and safe homes.

Home designing is a very expansive notion. While designing a home there are many things which are to be looked upon such as space, planning, lighting, window treatments, furniture, flooring and many more. While designing a house you have to assimilate all the essentials of decoration into your designing project and use them to the best advantage for your space. Decoration refers to different kinds of design like formal decor, contemporary decor, traditional decor and modern decor.

Is Velvet the Best Upholstery Fabric for Your Design

VelvetChoosing the perfect upholstery fabric can be a daunting process. There are so many different fabrics on the market and you need to choose between cotton, silk, velvet and more to identify the one you feel is going to work with your design, stand out and complete your design to perfection.

Velvet is one of the leading choices when it comes to upholstery fabric because it oozes luxury. There is something very special about this fabric from how it looks to how it feels, It is smooth, comfortable and soft which can make your furniture feel welcoming, enjoyable and exceptionally relaxing moving forward.

Velvet dates back to the eighth century and is considered very luxurious and posh. For those looking to make a dramatic statement in their room design and come up with a design that screams luxury and comfort, then this fabric may be the best upholstery fabric for you to choose from.

There are a number of advantages to choosing velvet as your upholstery fabric which you need to be aware of. Chances are if you are already looking at this fabric, then you know the benefits, which is why you are choosing velvet in the first place. The first thing is that this materials is so soft and luxurious. Run your hand over velvet and you are welcomed by a smooth a superior feel that only velvet can provide.

Next you will find that velvet is light and can really add volume to your room design. When you choose fabrics, you want to focus on playing with textures. Having everything the same texture will leave you with a boring room design, but working with texture and colour will ensure your room makes the impact you are looking to achieve.

Velvet tends to hold onto colour very well, making all colours exceptionally rich. Whether you have chosen a solid colour or a pattern design, yo will notice your colours will be bold, noticeable and rich when you choose velvet as your upholstery fabric. It is also very thick and dense, which is what makes it so warm, comfortable and welcoming.

Now as with benefits, you need to know the disadvantages before ordering this material and using it for your next furniture item. Unfortunately even luxurious velvet comes with some cons and this includes how difficult it is to clean. Cleaning velvet is not an easy task and you will need to follow the manufacturers instructions step by step to ensure the material stays clean and looking great.

Unfortunately if you do have pets that are allowed on the furniture, then velvet is definitely not the right choice for you. In addition to this, you will find this upholstery fabric will be slightly more expensive than some of the other fabrics available. So you will want to take price and compare it to final design to see if it is worth paying more for this fabric in the long run.

The final disadvantage that you need to know about if you are looking at velvet for your upholstery fabric is that it can be fragile, depending on the weave and the material used to make the velvet.

You probably never knew there was a variety of velvets to choose from. Not all velvets are the same. There is linen velvet, which is one of the more popular varieties and is lighter, cooler and provides texture. There is silk velvet which is very indulgent, the printed velvet gives you some depth and design, a perfect finish to your room while crushed can give you a different design to add texture and style to your room finish.

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